January 8, 2014

Telehex is a modern twist on Teletext, an information retrieval service created in the 1970s. The main purpose of Telehex is to allow users to keep track of when their shows are airing and to provide information to locate new shows which might spark their interest. Telehex Series Page Telehex is the product of the Scripting Languages group coursework at the University of Southampton. The specification was to work in a small team of students and build a web application to run on the Google App Engine. The application had to use JavaScript client-side and Python server-side. In addition, the prototype had to be approximately 1500 lines of code.

What made the coursework more interesting, was that each team was in commercial competition against the other teams and was bidding for a contract from a fictitious company. Quality of code, how the product was pitched and the project proposal were all to be assessed to determine who would be awarded the contract.

The main features of Telehex are (but not limited to):

  • Keeping a consistent design throughout, largely focused on Hexagons (Note these are a pain to work with!)
  • Collating and scraping information from a range of sources (such as the TheTVDB to provide up-to-date details on an enormous number of shows
  • Allowing users to user their Google Account to subscribe to their favourite TV shows
  • Subscribed users have a profile page and access to a personalised show calendar
  • Subscribed users could receive optional weekly emails describing the shows airing that week
  • Detailed statistics and trends for a specific show or episode
  • Providing a ‘Similar shows’ graph to allow a user to find their next ‘must watch’ show

We were incredibly proud of this piece of work and achieved a mark of 92% for our efforts.

Project Link:
Languages: Python, JavaScript
Collaborated with: Jamie Davies, Miles Armstrong, Chantel Spencer-Bowdage, Will Buss, Jack Flann, Simon Bidwell